01. What type of photographer are you?

We are wedding photographers, but we also do engagements and elopements; we are here to document the whole process of your love story. 

02. Where will my session be held?

We will come to you! Can you mention that it is a bucket list goal to photograph a wedding in all 50 states so we are really willing to travel.

03. How long will it take to get my images after?

Standard turnaround time is 6-8 weeks. However, I do offer a package with a 3 week turnaround time. 

“Erica has such fun energy that results in such natural and genuine photos! You will love her not only as a person but she is so professional and talented.”

Cody + Nicole

04. Are you available to travel?

Yes! We would LOVE to come to you. Please specify the details on our contact page and we can talk!

05. Will you be heavily editing the photos?

We hand select and edit the best photos, but we leave you looking like your natural selves. Lighting and basic touch ups are applied, but we do not do any heavy editing.

06. How does it work to have two photographers?

Just like having one, but better, faster, and easier! Rachel and I have the same aesthetic and same process. Typically, we “divide and conquer.” For instance, for photos of the wedding party, Rachel typically takes the grooms, while I handle the bridesmaids! We work together and separately to ensure your photos are uniform, and that you get full coverage of your wedding.

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